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  The final Morning Assembly was conducted by grade VI. The students spoke about how best to handle examination stress. The students were awarded their medals for the French Word Power exam- National Level. Medals were also awarded for the International Olympiad of English Language and for the International Hindi Olympiad. The Robotics students were also given their certificates for successful completion of the course. #allwinners #medalsgalore    
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The Citation ceremony

  The Citation ceremony is an occasion to acknowledge the journey of the outgoing batch of students as they step into the world of opportunities and dreams. It is a time to bid farewell to them and usher them into the new chapter of life. Swiss Cottage School organized the Citation Ceremony on Saturday, 17th February 2024. The ceremony commenced with the traditional lamp lighting followed by the Gayatri Mantra which is the harbinger of peace and happiness.   It was an emotional moment for everyone as it brought back fond memories of the affectionate nurturing moments, which were spent together, right from the instant the students stepped into the portals of the school with butterflies in their stomachs and dreams in their eyes. The citations for each and every student was read out. It highlighted special qualities and talents of the child. The students lit the ceremonial candles with great pride and delight. It was a moment of emotion, nostalgia, tears and excitement. The school Princ


Date: February 16, 2024 Classes Involved: Grades V to VIII Introduction: The Swiss Cottage School Science Fair, showcased an impressive array of scientific projects and working models. Students enthusiastically participated, demonstrating their creativity, ingenuity, and scientific knowledge. Projects Displayed: Battery-Powered Car: Students designed and built miniature electric cars powered by batteries, showcasing the principles of electrical engineering and sustainable transportation. Vacuum Cleaner: Demonstrations of homemade vacuum cleaners illustrated the application of suction and airflow principles in cleaning technology. Drip Irrigation Mechanism: Students presented models of drip irrigation systems, highlighting efficient water usage and agricultural practices. Working Heart Model: Intricately crafted heart models provided insights into the anatomy and functioning of the human heart, emphasizing cardiovascular health and biology. Smart City Model: Innovative city models integ


The Elementary & Primary students of Swiss Cottage showcased their athletic prowess at the AJSM. There were a plethora of challenging races with age appropriate obstacles and hurdles, which our junior students traversed with alacrity. It was wonderful sunny salubrious day, perfect for the activities and events of the day. The parents were our captive audience, their applause motivated our students to perform to the best of the ability. The winners were felicitated with medals! Though at Swiss Cottage School, everyone’s a winner! #annualjuniorsportsmeet #championsgalore